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Rest in peace Sean Price

One of the greatest emcees to ever record.   Loyal, fierce, funny and uncompromising, Price made great songs better with his verses.

I have mentioned Sean Price on life of refinement before (including the slightly academic argument that Sean Price had to frolic a little to make his rough raps more palatable).   But his rough and ugly rhymes matched the world with a kind of wry cynicism that I deeply appreciated.

Discovering that Sean Price died in his sleep hurt.  It sucks to imagine that there won’t be any more collaborations, any more tapes, no more 12″ discoveries  . . . he was an artist that I’ll miss.

I spent a sad sunday organizing and recording a little Sean Price tribute mix.  Be aware that the lyrics are rough and explicit.  They also lean heavily on the solo albums rather than his early BCC work, which was a conscious choice.

Duck Down has a memorial site for donations for his family.

And of course, we wait for August 21 to hear “Songs in the Key of P”, Sean’s final album / mixtape.

Live life fully and rest in peace Sean Price!

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Headz ain’t ready: BCC 2012

Oh yeah.  The greatest rap crew of all time. My favorite part of the first video is the Rockness Monsta hamming it up.  If I was on the east coast I’d be at that show.  Even if I had to teach at 8 the next morning.

“. . . my eyes peep this life in a form you can’t picture/panoramic view the hammer damage yer crew/back flipping, gat spittin’, sell-crack rapper dude/backsmack a few rappers who rap with the attitude.” -Sean Price.

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Sean Price & Myster DL

I chilled with a rap/producer guy who came through Humboldt a few times — Myster DL.  I always thought he was a nice guy with a gooooood ear for beats.  Howzabout this beat and video by DL . . . featuring Sean P!

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Random Axe

If you cheer for hip hop, then you’ll be checking for Random Axe today.

Black Milk, Guilty Simpson and Sean Price.    Damn. . . these three could fix the deficit.

ps. Warning: the video has Sean P jousting and riding a segue.  Images that will never leave my brain.

How about buying the album at amazon for 1.99? 

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