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Trigger: Willie Nelson’s guitar

This is a great little film about Willie’s guitar Trigger.   From Django influences through the birth of outlaw country.

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Cool “Disco” Dan documentary promo

Hell yeah!  Thanks to Dante Ross for the tip!

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Michael Moore: tough guy

thanks scrapetv for the image

I have thoroughly enjoyed a number of Michael Moore’s films.   He has also played the Muhammad Ali role of public intellectual articulating resistance.   As a result of his critiques of the government and corporations, he has been widely scorned and attacked.  He has a new book coming out and the Guardian excerpt is pretty hardcore.  Read it for the rundown of just how ugly harassment and threats can get.  Of course Michael Moore continues to fight.

I chose not to give up. I wanted to give up, badly. Instead I got fit. If you take a punch at me now, I can assure you three things will happen: 1) You will break your hand. That’s the beauty of spending just a half hour a day on your muscular-skeletal structure – it turns into kryptonite; 2) I will fall on you. I’m still working on my core and balance issues, so after you slug me I will tip over and crush you; 3) My Seals will spray mace or their own homemade concoction of jalapeño spider spray directly into your eye sockets while you are on the ground. As a pacifist, please accept my apologies in advance – and never, ever use violence against me or anyone else again.

via Michael Moore: I was the most hated man in America | Books | The Guardian.

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Fishbone documentary!

I bet if you enjoyed punk rock music in the nineties you have a scar from a Fishbone show.   I’m pretty sure that the enthusiastic Fishbone audience of Burlington Vermont in 1992 (maybe 1993?) are responsible for the cracked rib floating around in my chest.   Like any other Fishbone fan, I ain’t mad.

If you ever listened to Fishbone, saw them live, or encountered them in any way, you cheered them on.  They were so good that any fan with a heart wished that every other rock/punk/funk/soul/energy fiend would see clear to loving Fishbone too.

I saw them again maybe three years ago at an outdoor festival in Northern California and I thought my  heart was going to explode from the energy.

Now we have a new documentary on Fishbone.  Screw the narrative structure, if this movie has ten minutes of live footage, I’m buying it.

Thanks to neo-griot for the link.

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Dance for a chicken: Cajun Mardi Gras

Folkstreams.net offer an intriguing collection of documentary films, mostly centering on rural knowledge, folk traditions, and music.   Reflecting on the 1993 sixteen mm film “Dance for a chicken: Cajun Mardi Gras:”

–> Good articulation of Mardi Gras in rural communities.  I enjoyed the lens on different towns and their radically distinct traditions.

—> Documentary filmmaking includes a certain voice, and it is interesting to observe the frame-makers who constitute the narrative structure of the documentary through the representations they choose.   I think the of the narration and visibility of the film creators increases over time (this footage is at least eighteen years old).  The discussions about blackface, cultural appropriation (the film includes a fragmented scene of rural white-identified Mardi Gras celebrants dressed up as indians driving through a Native American reservation), and gender provide valuable time-contextual artifacts vis-a-vis the film itself.

–> There is a dialogue about Mardi Gras, and this film is an attempt to broaden the image of drunken costumed revelry.  It is quite good on the historic traditions, unpacking the coded imagery, and iconography.

–> I feel bad for the chickens.

–> At the end of the film they discuss the impact of rural Mardi Gras traditions evolving as fewer people engage in actual farming life.  It’s a good place to start thinking about the impact of economic changes on ritual experience.

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Thelonious Monk: Straight no chaser

Long lost jazz documentary.  Thanks to ne0-griot for the link.

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Documentary: stopover in Dubai

Thanks to the folks at Waxidermy and Gorgomancy, we have the surveillance camera film about the 2010 assassination of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh. Worth a viewing.

Update April 2012.  The Gorgomancy link is down, but the video is available from youtube in three chunks.  Here they are.

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