Fishbone documentary!

I bet if you enjoyed punk rock music in the nineties you have a scar from a Fishbone show.   I’m pretty sure that the enthusiastic Fishbone audience of Burlington Vermont in 1992 (maybe 1993?) are responsible for the cracked rib floating around in my chest.   Like any other Fishbone fan, I ain’t mad.

If you ever listened to Fishbone, saw them live, or encountered them in any way, you cheered them on.  They were so good that any fan with a heart wished that every other rock/punk/funk/soul/energy fiend would see clear to loving Fishbone too.

I saw them again maybe three years ago at an outdoor festival in Northern California and I thought my  heart was going to explode from the energy.

Now we have a new documentary on Fishbone.  Screw the narrative structure, if this movie has ten minutes of live footage, I’m buying it.

Thanks to neo-griot for the link.

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  1. Daniel Seeff

    If you are a Fishbone fan, check out this clip on youtube – just a preview – of Chris Dowd’s new project The Ultra Infidels –

    part of a 6 song ep coming soon

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