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Juxtaposition: the tear gas edition

Artifact 1. The editor-in-chief of the Bay Citizen was gassed in the #occupy oakland actions.

I looked down and my hand was black, my four fingers covered in toxic chemicals. I couldn’t feel my hand much but could clench it and unclench it and assumed I was okay. My blue flannel shirt also was black, stained where the canister had struck me and discharged. I was soaked in tear gas, but for some reason it was having less of an effect than the burning on my hand.

Another strange but not entirely unexpected thought popped into my head: 6 inches lower and it would have hit me in the crotch.

via Gassed – The Bay Citizen.

Artifact 2.  South Korean debate involves MPs using tear gas in the parliament building.

An opposition MP set off a teargas canister in the South Korean parliament in a failed attempt to prevent the ruling party passing a free trade deal with the US.

Proponents said the deal, the largest US trade pact since the 1994 North America Free Trade Agreement (Nafta), could increase commerce between the two countries by up to a quarter. But the opposition claims it will harm South Korean interests, putting jobs at risk.

via South Korean MP lets off teargas in parliament | World news | guardian.co.uk.

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Juxtaposition: camping

Artifact one: Camping before the Twilight premier

Photo by Mario Anzuoni/Reuters/Landov

Artifact 2: Camping at #occupy oakland

Thanks to #occupy contra costa for the photo

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Chris Hedges and Cornel West prosecute Goldman Sachs

Thanks to Glen E. Friedman, we have a little write up and video from Chris Hedges and Cornel West prosecuting a corporation in the #occupy wallstreet park.

This is the kind of street theater we need to see in cities all across America. In addition to marching and occupying public places, we need to explore creative and provocative ways to capture the attention of the media. In our ADD culture, we’ve got to keep things interesting. West and Hedges are taking a page from the Abbie Hoffman play book.


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#scottolson #occupy wallstreet

Here is the ice-cold footage of US Marine Scott Olson getting shot by the Oakland police department.  Feel free to watch with a cynical eye, but check out when the flash bomb explodes in the midst of people trying to help an injured person.

This is intended to anger you.

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Iran lectures the United States on human rights

Zing.  There it is.  Iranian Member of Parliament Zohre Elahian suggests that the United States be criticized for human rights violations stemming from police repression of protesters.

Elahian, who is the chairperson of the Majlis Human Rights Committee, also said that the UN Human Rights Council should address the issue of the violation of U.S. protesters’ rights.

“The scenes of the suppression of US protesters are upsetting and necessitate pursuing human rights (violations),” she said.

She went on to say that the era of U.S. claims about human rights has come to an end and the U.S. government has lost face due to the suppression of the people.

In addition, she called on the international community to condemn the use of excessive violence by the U.S. police against protesters.

via Occupy Oakland – police under scrutiny live updates | World news | guardian.co.uk.

[Although I got it from the Guardian, the original report is from the Associated Press. ]

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Welcome to Oakland #occupy wallstreet

Photo ran in the Guardian, taken by Kimihiro Hoshino/AFP/Getty Images


Photo credit Daryl Bush, AP, ran in the Guardian


photo byStephen Lam, Reuters, ran in the Guardian


This collection of images is pretty disturbing.  No good photos of the police/protester scraps from yesterday in US media, but the British journal has the images.  I found the same thing when I went to look for images of the crackdown on Chicago #operation wallstreet.  Lets note protesters helping each other and excessive police violence intended to communicate threats to the supportive public.  Lets also note courage, generosity and the elements of a new world being articulated.  The kind of world which disturbs corporate heads and their cop subordinates.


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#Occupy wall street brings attention to police violence

Officer Michael Daragjati had no idea that the FBI was listening to his phone calls. Otherwise he would probably not have described his arrest and detention of an innocent black New Yorker in the manner he did.

Daragjati boasted to a woman friend that, while on patrol in Staten Island, he had “fried another nigger”. It was “no big deal”, he added. The FBI, which had been investigating another matter, then tried to work out what had happened.

According to court documents released in New York, Daragjati and his partner had randomly stopped and frisked a black man who had become angry and asked for Daragjati’s name and badge number. Daragjati, 32, and with eight years on the force, had no reason to stop the man, and had found nothing illegal. But he arrested him and fabricated an account of him resisting arrest. The man, now referred to in papers only as John Doe because of fears for his safety, spent two nights in jail. He had merely been walking alone through the neighbourhood.

via Police brutality charges sweep across the US | World news | The Observer.

The rest of the article has a sad roundup of recent police violence abuses in the United States.  Good for visibility discussion and CHANGE.

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No honor in police violence

With all due respect to Marine Sergent Shamar Thomas there is no honor in killing Iraqis either.  But at the moment I suspect that would be a reasonable discussion at #occupy wallstreet.

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Juxtaposition: Curfews vs. Tahrir square

Artifact 1:

January 31: Mubarak still refuses to step down, amid growing calls for his resignation. Protesters continue to defy the military-imposed curfew. About 250,000 people gather in Cairo’s Tahrir Square and hundreds march through Alexandria.

via Timeline: Egypt’s revolution – Middle East – Al Jazeera English.

Artifact 2:

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Protesters say they’re ready to face arrest again on the fourth day of the “Occupy Sacramento” demonstrations, but they are now calling for city leaders to rescind the curfew that makes it illegal to continue protests overnight.

About 14 protesters were arrested after midnight following Saturday’s event, and the attendees of Sunday’s march said they were prepared to follow suit and remain at Cesar Chavez Park until police arrested them.

“These arbitrary rules that say at midnight at this park, you’re not allowed to be here, that’s ridiculous,” said protester Morgan Lesko.

via ‘Occupy Sacramento’ Protests Demand City Rescind Park Curfew « CBS Sacramento.

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#occupy wallstreet gives some hope

So if we tax the rich and the corporations, and eliminate 95% of the military, there will be plenty of money, even in our depleted condition, to pay for what we need, which is environmental sanity, climate-friendly industry, energy self-sufficiency without fossil fuels or nuclear power, economic justice, and enlightened education that teaches respect for women, other races, other religions, and animals.

via Wall Street? Occupy Every Street! « Talkin’ Blues About The News.

I couldn’t agree more.

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