Iran lectures the United States on human rights

Zing.  There it is.  Iranian Member of Parliament Zohre Elahian suggests that the United States be criticized for human rights violations stemming from police repression of protesters.

Elahian, who is the chairperson of the Majlis Human Rights Committee, also said that the UN Human Rights Council should address the issue of the violation of U.S. protesters’ rights.

“The scenes of the suppression of US protesters are upsetting and necessitate pursuing human rights (violations),” she said.

She went on to say that the era of U.S. claims about human rights has come to an end and the U.S. government has lost face due to the suppression of the people.

In addition, she called on the international community to condemn the use of excessive violence by the U.S. police against protesters.

via Occupy Oakland – police under scrutiny live updates | World news |

[Although I got it from the Guardian, the original report is from the Associated Press. ]

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