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Soul Night 14: Soulstice/last soul night on earth

December 21, 2012 Arcata CA.  A showdown where the story of the end-of-the-world met six DJs who used real records to ground a party to this earth.  A brief accounting of the participants from my simple perspective.



CAM00683The first DJ of the night was perhaps the most adventurous DJ in Humboldt county — Spaceman Spliff who not only killed his set, but dropped a Cure song to knock out small-minded fools.  Mantease played pretty hard and seems to be bringing more soul-inspired global stuff.  But it was his afrobeat shit that get’s me the most hype, and since I spent half the sent dancing on the side of the stage, that was pretty obvious. Matt “Skinny Santa” Jackson and Adam “ugly ass sweater” certainly brought the heaters.  “Back door Santa” got played and it took about half of the first verse before people clued in, then the dance floor got nasty.  And of course, the E.L. Michaels Wu-Tang song, another Soul Night first.  And I’m not talking about Skinny Santa smashing his giant candy cane across the chest of his DJ partner (saint Ad-rock), but a couple hundred people chanting “Wu-Tang!”.  I looked at Jay Morg’s set before he took the stage and I knew that he was coming with some great dancing records.  I wasn’t surprised that he gave one of the best sets of back-to-back dance floor jams that any of us have thrown and the people were feeeeeeling it. Not to mention the dude rocking a purple velour jump suit.  I had to slow it down to gospel speed just to give people a chance to catch their breath when I took over for the final shift.


I played the above set.  It was an incredible blessing to be able to look out as a simple music nerd and see hundreds of people dancing to the flute jazz jam by Sam Most. Not to mention the appreciation and respect for the good sounds.  Thanks to all the wonderful people who buy tickets and who support Soul Night.  Thanks to La Dolce Video who provide an astounding cinema backdrop for the party.  And much thanks to Humboldt Brews for the nice venue, respectful door staff, good sound guy, great bartenders, and generous dancing space.

Next soul night is January 18, expect the ridiculous.  If you are in Humboldt and want to join Matt, Adam & King Maxwell for a soulful New Years Eve at the Siren’s Song a few tickets are left at the Missing Link.

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Soul night 8: funky good times

Above you can see Matt Jackson jamming out to DJ Mantease.  Stars of the Missing Link Soul Night.

Arcata June 15.  Good party thrown at humbrews.  Sold out during the summer with fewer students around.  I love the locals!  Thanks to ya.  DJ Zephyr gave a great set to open the party.  I love that Stevie Wonder tune!  I played some 45s and danced and drank with the people!

1. Rhythm Masters – I can do anything you can do

2. Syl Johnson – Goodie goodie good times.

3. John Roberts – sock it to me 1-2-3-4

4. Willie Henderson – loose booty

5. Lou Tobie  – Heavy steppin’

6. Kool and the gang – Kool and the gang

7. Dorothy Oma and Zepha – Put it on you

8. Sugarpie deSanto – Git back

9. Pointer Sisters – betcha got a chick on the side

10. Willie Mitchell – My babe

11. Etta James – Tell mama

12. Jodi Gales – push

13. BW Souls – Marvin’s groove

14. Nino & seventh avenue – roll it

15. Bobby Powell – peace begins within

16. Ann Peebles – I can’t stand the rain.

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Soul Night 6: Missing Link saved my soul

Matt, Adam and DJ Mantease cavorting, sporting and speaking at Soul Night 5.

Arcata California on April twenty, Humboldt Brews.   Sold out a few days before, the gig was ridiculous.  So many good dancers and hot tracks.  Despite being 420, I was pretty inspired to keep the party focused on the dancing.  I think the music and the people who come to party are the central part of this gig, and I worry about theme parties overshadowing or distracting from that core.  So I loaded my set with a few favorites and a few new acquisitions.

Mantease played global smashers with a few soul songs blended in.  I think I heard Sugarpie DeSanto blended with some afrobeat.  It was captivating and kept me on the dance floor.  Jaymorg was just foolish.  Sporting Run-DMC glasses and a bevy of killer 45s he just knocked ’em out.  The Syl Johnson track does it for me.  I’m going try to convince him to play that every soul night.

I dropped a little set of disco, go-go, and funky soul.  The highlight was pretty much the Trouble Funk tune – almost ten minutes long — it gave the dancers enough time to make it happen.  Congas and cowbell are non-negotiable ass-movers even in 2012.

1. Barry White – standing in the shadow of love

2. Lonnette McKee – Save it

3. B.W. Souls – Marvin’s Groove

4. J. R. Bailey – We need love

5. Gladys Knight & the Pips – Good man

6. Dyke and the Blazers – Runaway people

7. Stormy – devastator

8.  David Robinson – Carpenter

9. Eddie Bo – Can I be your main squeeze

10.  Dorothy, Oma & Zepha – Gonna put it on your mind

11. Ted Taylor – how do  you walk away from fear

12. Curtis Mayfield – beautiful brother of mine

13. Chuck Brown – game seven part 1

14. Trouble Funk – Get small (live)

15. Ron and Candy – Plastic situation

Then Matt and Adam supercharged the crowd with some jump blues, jam down soul and serious tracks.  Danced my butt off!

Thanks to all the supporters, participants, Humbrews, Brad the bartender (CHEERS!), and all the dancing people.  We’ll see you next month.

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Soul Night Arcata April 20

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Missing Link Soul Night playlist 6

It got a little intense at Humbrews on March 22.

The venue was intense.  The walls were sweating, the sound was loud, the floor was slick and unforgiving.  It didn’t feel packed, but it was solid — like water just before it boils.

The audience was intense.  Sold out almost immediately.  People who wanted to be there to party and dance. Some serious first-timers and a load of soul night veterans.  The combination was electric — the floor was undulating from the get-go.

Even the DJs are getting more intense.  Every party seems to be an improvement in planning, sound, sonic combinations, mixing and theatrics.

T-Rex had some great records — a great compliment to the party.  Jay Morg celebrated his birthday with some of his favorite tracks.  Some soul night classics he loves to play and a couple of new killer tracks. I played an all-woman set that was so much fun and really well received.  Matt and Adam brought exactly nine 45s each and then destroyed the club. These guys have some good records!

DJ Mantease.  Ah Mantease.  The secret weapon.  The electricity and courage to just take the party to the next level.  He told me that he practiced this set once or twice. I’m totally convinced.  It was an awesome collection of Cumbia and eclectic bangers.

I usually keep my playlists, but this time I gave it to Adam to protect his 45s.  Here is what I think I played (not in order):

Ann Peebles – I can’t stand the rain

Sugar Pie DeSanto Soulful Dress

Naomi Shelton Promised land

Marva Whitney I’m tired, I’m tired, I’m tired

Betty Wright – let me be your lovemaker

Gladys Knight – got myself a good man

Gladys Knight – You need love like I do (don’t you)

Gladys Knight – nitty gritty

Sugarpie DeSanto – Git back

Aretha Franklin – the house that jack built

Aretha Franklin – since you’ve been gone

Phoebe Snow – shine, shine shine

Tina Turner – As long as I can get you

The Coup – laugh, love, fuck

Three-song Gladys Knight and the Pips set is a conclusive answer to the question does Gladys Knight slay in 2012?

I love this party and I feel great about the growing popularity.  We throw a peaceful, woman-friendly, musically diverse, cheap, all-vinyl, multifaceted shindig.  It is very exciting that people want to join.  Lets keep the love flowing.  Join us on April 20th for a sixth and special incarnation of the party at Humbrews.

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Soul Night March 22 at Humboldt Brews

I’m pretty excited.  Please join us for soul music, a disco ball, at least two birthday parties, Matt Jackson’s slinky fashion, Adam’s gyrations, DJ Mantease’s enlightening jams,  Jaymorg’s favorite 45s, Tanasa AKA T-Rex, and all at an affordable entry price.

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February Soul night

The Missing Link Soul night was bumping on saturday.  I may have drank too much, but I did notice the show sold out pretty quickly.  Thanks to all the people who come through.    The march party is going to be above your expectations.   Here are the tunes I played:

1. O’Jays – give the people what they want

2. Pointer Sisters – Betcha got a chick on the side

3. Cathy Collier – Nazty

4. Peter Brown – you should do it

5. Prince – U got the look

6. Whitney – I wanna dance

7. Michael Jackson – Working day and night

8. Barry White – what a groove

9. Donna Summer – love to love you baby

10. La Chakakas – Jungle fever

11. Mandrill – fence walk

12.  Van McCoy – Funky feet

13. O’Jays – back stabbers

14. Vernon Burch – Caught wild

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Saturday night: A Soul Adventure

Poster made by Jaymorg.

Join myself, DJ Anya, DJ Mantease and of course Matt n’ Adam for a Saturday soul adventure.  My set will be inspired by spring, Don Cornelius, Barry White, subtle sleaze and the Sounds of Philadelphia!

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January soul night playlist


What a wonderful night.  Three hundred eighty nice people sold out Humbrews.  Thank you all for joining us.  We’ll do it again in February, this time with pre-sale tickets.  Sorry to those who couldn’t get in.

I was blown away by DJ Red’s set — super precise cuts and record choices.  Matt and Adam burned it hard.  Mantease is my global DJ deity. Jaymorg was righteous with some H-O-T tunes.  Here is what I brought to play:

Edgar Winter – Frankenstein (break)

Maxwell – Radiation Funk

Teddy Pendergrass – Get down get funky get loose

Ballin’Jack – So do I

Ann Peebles – the rain

Al Green – Ain’t no fun

Betty Everett & Jerry Butler – Ain’t that lovin’ you baby

Dicky and the Posideons – Tidal wave

Meters – Look y a py py

Dr. John – Big chief

James Brown – mother popcorn

Cold Grits – bring it on home

Gladys Knight – Nitty Gritty

Sugarpie DeSanto – Soulful dress

Lee Charles – somebody’s gonna hurt you

Kool and the gang – raw hamburger

Stevie Wonder – you haven’t done nothing

Etta James – Good rockin’ daddy

Alvin Cash – keep on dancing

Fessor Funk – Love

Shadows of knight – shake

J.R. Bailey – We need love

Stevie Wonder – higher ground

Etta James – that’s all

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Join us for soul night in Arcata

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