Spoke records, John Cameron and the motorbike

I’m getting ready to take off on my bicycle to seek records.  I’m drinking coffee and hanging out on the internets.  I ordered the first two records from the UK reissue wunderkind-label Spoke.  Spoke records is obviously a labor of love — focusing on 45s in honor of a lost comrade.

But they are also information nerds — and the interview with composer John Cameron comes up with this nice moterbike gem about just how fast life was in the high-speed seventies.

I even had a string section that used to ride motorbikes with their fiddles on their backs so they could get from one three hour session to another and then another so they could do three sessions in a day. It was Pat Halling’s lot. They were the guys who were on all the Heatwave and Hot Chocolate stuff. They literally used to motorbike from one gig to another.

via Spoke Trails: SPK 1102.

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