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Boris Wild mocking the genre

I was very impressed with Boris Wild performing a stunning card / mentalist trick on Penn & Teller’s Fool Us. I think the trick threads the boundaries of the genre of magic (don’t disclose how a trick was done) with the fabric of the trick itself. To position yourself as a meta-magician (which becomes more evident when he is describing how he thought of the trick with Alyson Hanigan).

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Ricky Jay: cons, cards and the correctly structured drama

I guess it’s Ricky Jay day here at Life of refinement.  There are several great moments in this Ricky Jay video.  My favorite was the description of conning by David Mamet at 39:00:

“The idea that intelligent people, such as you and me, can be deprived of our hard-earned money and self respect by the correct . . . by a correctly structured drama.”

A correctly structured drama indeed.  Stick around for the poker lesson at the end.


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Ricky Jay: card magic

Thanks to the forums at waxidermy for the link.

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Amazing Randi

Wonderful kickstarter to help fund a documentary on the Amazing Randi.  Drop ’em some cash.  For reason, inquiry and love.

Thanks to boing boing for the link.

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