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MF DOOM video origins

Sims, Mass & Alan the G created this wonderful video montage of MF DOOM samples and snippets.  Well constructed and inspirational (I’m trying to find a copy of Altered States right now!)

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MF Doom on graffiti

I was dubious when I saw the link.  But it sounds like DOOM.

Left and right hemispheres of the brain engaged.

Thanks to Okayplayer for the link.

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Oh No & MF DOOM: Ohnomite

I’m a fan of almost everything MF DOOM has ever done.  I also like So-Cal sampling star/emcee Oh No.

I guess Oh No got access to Dolomite AKA Rudy Ray Moore’s back catalog for sampling.  That was enough to lure MF DOOM to contribute.  What do you know, you get a tasty/nasty video to celebrate the collaboration.

Thanks Pigeons and Planes for the info!

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MF Doom~!

Damn.  All-time MVP MF Doom emerges to give a lecture?  I’m about fifteen minutes in.  Enjoy.

Thanks to Fleamarket Funk for the connect!

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