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Rest in peace Sean Price

One of the greatest emcees to ever record.   Loyal, fierce, funny and uncompromising, Price made great songs better with his verses.

I have mentioned Sean Price on life of refinement before (including the slightly academic argument that Sean Price had to frolic a little to make his rough raps more palatable).   But his rough and ugly rhymes matched the world with a kind of wry cynicism that I deeply appreciated.

Discovering that Sean Price died in his sleep hurt.  It sucks to imagine that there won’t be any more collaborations, any more tapes, no more 12″ discoveries  . . . he was an artist that I’ll miss.

I spent a sad sunday organizing and recording a little Sean Price tribute mix.  Be aware that the lyrics are rough and explicit.  They also lean heavily on the solo albums rather than his early BCC work, which was a conscious choice.

Duck Down has a memorial site for donations for his family.

And of course, we wait for August 21 to hear “Songs in the Key of P”, Sean’s final album / mixtape.

Live life fully and rest in peace Sean Price!

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Headz ain’t ready: BCC 2012

Oh yeah.  The greatest rap crew of all time. My favorite part of the first video is the Rockness Monsta hamming it up.  If I was on the east coast I’d be at that show.  Even if I had to teach at 8 the next morning.

“. . . my eyes peep this life in a form you can’t picture/panoramic view the hammer damage yer crew/back flipping, gat spittin’, sell-crack rapper dude/backsmack a few rappers who rap with the attitude.” -Sean Price.

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Samples for Black Moon’s Enta da Stage

Hey folks, you should respect the Boot Camp Clik.  You might not like the BCC, but you should respect.

The breakout album for the crew (even before there was a Clik) was Black Moon’s Enta da stage.  Hip hop is Read has run down the beatminer’s great sample hits here.  I vote for the Ronnie Laws flip . . . but I’m a sucker for the Laws bros.

Recorded at NYC’s famed D&D Studios, Enta Da Stage’s soundscape is basement rap at its finest. The album epitomizes the aesthetic of raw boom bap, with DJ Evil Dee (and Mr. Walt) truly mastering the art of hard drums, snapping snares and low, deep basslines which can only be described as “subterranean”. Enta Da Stage was Da Beatminerz’ introduction to the world – and what a great first impression they made! The brothers’ crate digging skills are hoisted up for display, well represented by some impressive gems provided by the likes of Lee Michaels, Ten Wheel Drive, John Klemmer, The 9th Creation, Donald Byrd and Ronnie Laws – just to name a few. You can imagine it was quite a pleasure scooping these tracks up for Sample Set #172.

via Sample Set #172 | Hip Hop Is Read.

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