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Corrupt Atlanta cops

Ten metro Atlanta law officers are in police custody, accused of using their guns, badges and authority to facilitate drug deals under orders of a street gang.

An FBI SWAT team arrested the current and former cops Tuesday for taking payoffs — some as low as $700 — to protect cocaine deals taking place in crowded shopping centers and school parking lots. Five alleged accomplices also were arrested.

via 10 metro police officers face corruption charges | www.ajc.com.

Thanks to Davey D, who shared a copy of the FBI press release which has a few more details.

Acting at the direction of FBI and ATF, the cooperator communicated to gang members and their associates that the cooperator sought police protection for upcoming drug deals. In response, three individuals—Bass, Coss, and Mannery—while not law enforcement officers themselves, provided the cooperator with the names of police officers who wanted to provide security for drug deals. Once these officers were identified, FBI and ATF agents arranged with the cooperator, as well as with Bass, Coss, and/or Mannery, for the officers to provide security for drug transactions that were described in advance to involve the sale of multiple kilograms of cocaine. The individuals charged today participated in undercover drug sales involving agents and/or cooperators, during which the agents and/or cooperators exchanged cash for kilograms of sham cocaine. The police officers, usually in uniform and displaying a weapon and occasionally in their police vehicles, patrolled the parking lots where the deals took place and monitored the transactions. These transactions were audio and video recorded.

The defendants arrested today include the seven police officers and one contract federal officer who protected the undercover drugs deals, as well as two former sheriff’s deputies who falsely portrayed themselves to be current deputies, and two individuals who falsely represented themselves as officers despite having no connection to a local police department. The defendants also include four individuals who are not law enforcement officers but who acted as intermediaries between the agents and/or cooperators and corrupt officers and also assisted with the scheme.

via Official FBI Report of 10 Police Officers Arrested in Atlanta for protecting Drug Dealers | Davey D’s Hip Hop Corner.

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Welcome to Oakland #occupy wallstreet

Photo ran in the Guardian, taken by Kimihiro Hoshino/AFP/Getty Images


Photo credit Daryl Bush, AP, ran in the Guardian


photo byStephen Lam, Reuters, ran in the Guardian


This collection of images is pretty disturbing.  No good photos of the police/protester scraps from yesterday in US media, but the British journal has the images.  I found the same thing when I went to look for images of the crackdown on Chicago #operation wallstreet.  Lets note protesters helping each other and excessive police violence intended to communicate threats to the supportive public.  Lets also note courage, generosity and the elements of a new world being articulated.  The kind of world which disturbs corporate heads and their cop subordinates.


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