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#occupy wallstreet gives some hope

So if we tax the rich and the corporations, and eliminate 95% of the military, there will be plenty of money, even in our depleted condition, to pay for what we need, which is environmental sanity, climate-friendly industry, energy self-sufficiency without fossil fuels or nuclear power, economic justice, and enlightened education that teaches respect for women, other races, other religions, and animals.

via Wall Street? Occupy Every Street! « Talkin’ Blues About The News.

I couldn’t agree more.

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Gambling against Obama

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Yesterday I bet my uncle $10 that Obama would lose the 2012 presidential election.  Here is why he thinks Obama will win:

So this is the deal that I think was offered to Obama back in 2005 or 2006: We will give you two terms, and guarantee the safety of you and your immediate family. But you will have to preside over the transfer of all of America’s remaining wealth from the middle class to the ultra-rich. You must do nothing whatsoever for poor people or immigrants or prisoners or people of color. You will not be allowed to do anything ”environmental.” Do nothing about climate change, or genetic engineering, or the health “care” and “insurance” scams, or about Big Pharma or agribusiness. Don’t do anything that interferes with business at all! In addition, you must escalate both wars until they hit deep quagmire. Nothing sells more weapons than quagmire!

via There Could Be A Revolution In America « Talkin’ Blues About The News.

Not a bad argument.   I’ll have a reply in a day or two.  If you have a perspective on the question feel free to express yourself in the comment section.

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