Tuskeegee updated: Afghanistan

Yet this month, the Obama administration admitted that the Central Intelligence Agency had staged a fake vaccination campaign in Pakistan as American intelligence closed in on Osama Bin Laden. Health care workers were used on a clandestine mission—not in the paranoid imagination of America-hating fanatics but as part of the deliberate policy of the United States government.

As atrocities go, delivering inadequate vaccines under false pretenses isn’t obviously worse than, say, systematically kidnapping people and torturing them.

via The CIA’s fake vaccination program in Pakistan reveals the moral bankruptcy of American spooks. – By Tom Scocca – Slate Magazine.

What?  Really?


“If there’s Hell below, we’re all gonna go.”

* How about the kids who got only the first of three doses because the health worker was moved to spy on Bin Laden?  I’ve asked students in the past which evil they think is worse:  the people who injected syphilis into African-American citizens, or the doctors who lied to the sickening people and told them they were getting treatment while they injected placebos and watched people die.

Both are pretty evil, but there is something absolutely wrong about watching people suffer and pretending to help them.

After our CIA vaccine bait-and-switch Pakistan considered cancelling their vaccination program.

The Afghani blood on American hands is going to be there for a long time.

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