Fela’s Toenail to the laughing lady

I was talking to my friend Michael on the phone.  We were discussing family and while we were chatting, I discovered some video of my uncle playing some tunes.  Turns out the internets are filled with connections to my kin!

First up, my aunt Sadie, aka the laughing lady.  You can find the laughing lady streaming out of Guerneville’s radio station every sunday night.

Ten to midnight: Stay up late and chortle/giggle/hoot out loud with the Laughing Lady Show. She reads humorous pieces from all over, shares the funniest writing she can find, and sings/plays you songs to crack you up. The Laughing Lady will relax you and soothe and am use you, and then strike for a belly laugh. No one resists her for long. She considers Humor to be the sixth sense, able to heal physical and emotional woes. Try it–it’s free. See you Sunday night!

via KGGV-LP 95.1 FM “The Bridge” Guerneville, CA.

Howsabout my uncle Laurence giving some quality New Orlean’s trumpet work? Playing with a band called Big Money in Jazz.

Or my Uncle Barry with a tune called “Fela’s Toenail? Band is called Zuela.

Love you family!

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