Curren$y at the drive in

Curren$y has a new mix tape available for download called The Drive in Theatre. I recommend it.  The record is a return to loose jazz loops and picturesque raps set over Godfather samples.   Add in a ton of potent guest verses and The Drive in Theatre went right to the CD player of my automobile.

“Godfather Four” with Action Bronson is pretty strong.  So is “E.T.” (a collaboration with B-Real) that gives Curren$y a chance to talk the lifestyles of the rich and stoned and B-Real a chance to confirm his own Godfather status. “Vintage Vineyard,” “Stolen,” “El Camino,” are all solid portraits of the elite life.

“Grew up in this” matches Spitta with Gary Indiana’s Freddie Gibbs (the hardman’s hardman) and Young Roddy.  The result are three nice verses about struggling.

Check out The Drive in Theatre it’s a strong effort and worth downloading.

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