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Moral pressure for food choices

Illustration by Laura Jones Martinez from Bitch Magazine.

Nice paragraph on food trends, privilege, corporate health food, and the price of kale in Bitch Magazine.  Worth talking about guilt, stress and ethics involved in shopping for food.   Salute to Soleil Ho (and graphics by Laura Jones Martinez) explains the moral dilemma presented to shoppers:

I need to buy this if I want to be good, if I really want to take care of myself and my family As it turns out, this moralistic way of framing choice is extremely profitable for food processors, restaurants, and produce retailers: we’ve been effectively held captive by our own consciences.

via The Cost of Kale: How Foodie Trends Can Hurt Low-Income Families | Bitch Media.


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Fortune cookies aren’t Chinese?

Watching Jennifer 8. Lee’s TED lecture on cultural assimilation, appropriation and Chinese food last night was a sixteen minute epiphany.  Something about her credibility — the maniac pace of the lecture, the brilliant video clips and images, the giggling — it all adds up to something quite entertaining and thought provoking.


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