Bill Withers and different ability

Bill Withers, when asked about his stutter produces this gem about different abilities:

What’s always interesting to me is people who are blind. I found out that some people actually start stuttering as late as 12 years old. I don’t remember not doing it. I don’t remember the start of something like that. Some people are born blind; some people become blind at various ages. But whatever you are, you got to find out how to live like that. One of my favorite times was with [musician] Raul Midón. Raul is this amazing guy, man. He has this thing, it’s called a “Type And Speak” or something like that. And when he wants to remember something, rather than write down notes, he types into this thing. He can play it [back] at that Donald Duck speed, you know what I mean? For the life of me I don’t know how he can understand something talking that fast. Because he plays it back at this faster speed. All I can hear is [Imitates high-speed speech]. But he’s trained himself to listen back that fast. People who have issues to deal with, or people who are not like everybody else, then they have to find a way to exist as that—fascinating people like Stephen Hawking. I think how we all exist is, how good are we at finding out what to do with ourselves as we exist. You know?

via Bill Withers | Music | Interview | The A.V. Club.

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