Roundup and toxins: Talking Blues about the News

Uncle Barry pointing out the foibles of modern society in his subtle and gentle exposition:

What else have the dumb Americans been persuaded to buy? Three or four wars and a bankrupt country. Enough corporations to pollute a thousand solar systems. A military big enough to conquer south China. Global warming, plus geoengineering to make it worse. A house full of air fresheners, air conditioners, oven cleaners, bug spray, chlorine bleach, scented candles, antimicrobial soap, water softeners, spray-on furniture polish, lawn mower exhaust, red dye #2, out-gassing plastic products by the hundreds, and some fragrant radon for dessert. And that’s before the exterminator comes for his monthly visit. Got to pay for that too, right?

via Talkin’ Blues About The News.

As usual, buttery-smooth prose and no corporate sponsors over there!

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