Dub Mixtape: reasoning with PK

A dude I knew just passed away.  We didn’t know each other all that well.  He was a good guy from all I could tell.

What I do remember about PK was the fun, crass, joking conversations.  A decade ago we disagreed about everything.  I happily advocated for critical inquiry, PK loved the politics debate.  I loved philosophy and chaos, he loved order and logic.  We had a few nice conversations where I left believing I’d made an eloquent point, only to have PK mock me about precisely the argument that I thought had been most persuasive.

Maybe it’s creepy, but I don’t think the conversations are gone.  It got me thinking about the heated discussions I’ve had with people — living and deceased.  The soundtrack to my recent reflection has been dub music — reggae with some open space.  So I put together a mix to be enjoyed by all.

So here is the sonic backdrop — my reasoning with PK.  Enjoy, live life, and have fun.

Link to playlist: Reasoning with PK


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