Anti-cycling sentiment visible

I rode my bicycle for a couple of hours today.  It was beautiful.  Respect to all the cyclists.

I tend to be a safe cyclist — obeying the traffic rules.  In New York City a guy got a ticket for riding outside of the bicycle lane.  Which seems out-of-control bogus to me.  In my community there aren’t enough bike lanes to get you everywhere you need and the bike lanes are often blocked.  You occasionally have to deal with traffic, and they write a whole section of laws for cyclists to do this safely.

If you drive an automobile or a bicycle,  you should know what these laws and rules are.  And if any of you know me, I am not generally an advocate of rules and laws.

It seems to me like the ticket for being outside of the cycling lanes represents some of the short-sighted anti-bicycle sentiment in our society.  The notion that the bicycle rather than the car is the nuisance.

So Casey Neistat, the cat who got the ticket made a video of him scrupulously following the absolutist cop advice.  Yowza!  Watch til the end, it’s worth it.

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