Cancel Dilbert

I assume that most of you have encountered the recent exchanges between Dilbert author Scott Adams and journalists from Salon and the Jezebel.  If not, basically, the Dilbert-dude said that rape was an inevitable part of men’s sexuality.  He agreed to some email exchanges, some of which make crystal clear Scott Adam’s privilege.

Here is my favorite quote:

The actual point of the earlier blog post you mentioned was that men don’t argue in situations where the cost of doing so is greater than the gain. The world is watching you make that true for me right now. This debate will probably reduce my income by a third, as feminist forces have already mobilized and started to ask newspapers to drop Dilbert. That’s the sort of risk that men don’t have when they engage in a debate with other men.

via Scott Adams takes on Salon – Scott Adams –

It’s nice that he explicitly outlines the team-behavior expected of other men under patriarchy.  Hey Scott dude, this is another dude guy, telling you that you are an idiot.  I’m also sending an email to my local paper requesting that your comic be dropped from the newspaper.

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