Talking blues about predator drones

Brilliant critique of the predator drones.  Bring it funky uncle.

America launched Predator drones against a sixth country recently — Somalia. The pilotless killer aircraft have now been used in Pakistan (by Bush something like 40 times in eight years, by Obama several hundred times in two and a half years!) as well as in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, and now Somalia. (Funny — I don’t recall a declaration of war in any of those conflicts.) The Predator has to be the most cowardly, disgusting, and counterproductive (because of the additional enemies it makes for America) weapon in the history of warfare. I predicted many years ago that violent video games were just training and not-so-subtle indoctrination for the real thing, and now we have it — operators sit in comfort somewhere in the continental USA, fondle their obscene joy sticks, and people (innocent? guilty? terrorists? civilians?) die thousands of miles away. Predator operators are not heroes — they are cowardly ignorant nauseating scum, and Obama has proven himself to be a rabid war criminal. The American people will suffer the payback for these crimes for generations. We are not at war with Pakistan or Yemen or Somalia. No one in this country really knows who is being killed. This is just old-fashioned murder, not war, except that it is the most cowardly method of murder ever devised. Obama will retire into well-protected comfort, while you and I and other relatively innocent Americans have been made into legitimate targets wherever we go in the world.

via What A Wonderful World It Could Be « Talkin’ Blues About The News.


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