Engagement with ol’ friends (frenemies?)

The day the story of this young woman, who claimed to have been beaten by “Obama Thugs”… a common way of Ghettoizing Obama supporters, was revealed as a hoax, I suggested that Omri may want to add an UPDATE signaling that this woman had behavioral health issues and was thus not more evidence of Obama’s ‘Thug (Political) Life.’ His position was that he didn’t care about its accuracy… that this is a strategic game, and that if I want to pronounce opposition I should ‘get a blog.’

Well. I have.

I let this one go… having other concerns, and wary of losing friends, but since the ethical purity of anti-Obama rhetoric is supposedly a premise that can be assumed, I think it’s time to be honest.

via Omri Ceren’s Racist Website « WaspInABottle.

WaspinaBottle is stronger than I am.  I follow Omri on Twitter, but can’t quite RSS his web page.  But Wasp is willing to engage with a thoughtful discussion about what this kind of anti-obama racism means in regards to the people who die in events like the Tulsa riots.  Read it and get it together because the dinner tables, water coolers and bars are going to be productive spaces to clash with racism in the next few months.

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