Blackberry barbecue sauce

Tis the season to fight Himalayan Blackberries.  They are everywhere and busting out with tons of berries.  Delicious other than the giant seeds inside every little berry unit.  I made some blackberry barbecue sauce the other day, and it was pretty good.

Wash berries.  Pick the berries and fill a bowl w/ water and set the colander with berries in the water.  Swish it around.  If you are picking ripe berries, then they should explode if you spray water directly on the berry.  Repeat until you are satisfied.

Empty water from bowl and smash berries into colander.  Push mush out of the screen and keep seeds inside.


3 cloves garlic – diced fine.

a couple tablespoons of grated ginger.


a little brown sugar

Ketchup to taste (I went about equal with the blackberry goo)


Chili pepper to taste.


Next up — blackberry popsicles!


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