Sergio Romo and paternity leave

Photo: Joe Robbins Getty images.

ESPN has an interesting article on the new cultural changes associated with men and sport.  I’ll highlight one case of  SF Giants pitcher Sergio Romo who is taking time off from baseball to be with his family after the birth of a new child.

It’s hard to say for sure if Romo’s brief absence is going to impact the Giants’ postseason chances (the season-long lack of offense is much more glaring than any single pitcher’s missed games), but what isn’t difficult to see are his priorities. He chose family over career, something we’re used to seeing women do, but not men. It’s weird, I’m sure. But sometimes sports (or at least an individual athlete) is a step ahead of the rest of society when it comes to significant cultural changes.

A redefinition of what is considered manly would be yet another example of that.

via Mark Sanchez, Sergio Romo — their choices are ‘manly,’ too – ESPN.

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