Bun B vs. PETA and the EPA

Killa Kyleon and Bun B.  I would have bet all my money ($63.50) that Killa would wreck this track, but I’ll be damned if the slow loris of hip hop — Bun B doesn’t ride this Lex Luger beat to greatness.

I’m a vegetarian tree hugger, but I’m still feeling this.  “When you see B comin’ around the corner/sittin’ in the foreign that you never heard of/leather seats so fresh that the cow just died/ and PETA want me for murder/and the wood inside that bitch brand new cuz we just killed a tree/so you already know the EPA ain’t feelin’ me. ”

Of course Bun B doesn’t need to  prove anything.  It is just a pleasure to hear him rhyming so tight.


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