Mr. Muthaf’n Exquire: coloring out of the lines

I love it when non-tough guy stuff slips through hip hop interviews.  Mr. Motherf’n Exquire is NYC’s newest star.  Recent interview w/ MTV’s Hive reveals his love for coloring with crayons.

When it came time to shoot a video I [was] like let’s just do the shit that we do in the crib, let’s record this shit and turn it into a video. Just keep it natural. And it kinda resonated with people. I guess that’s how everybody else lives too. Everybody ain’t rich and poppin Cristal and shit.

My crib is like the hub. Me and everybody just hang out at my crib. If you come here any time there’s music playing, somebody’s recording, we getting creative, trying to figure out a video, we do whatever. We do wild shit in here, we play video games, we fuck bitches, we color. We just have mad fun in here.

Did you say you color?

Yeah, I color a lot. All of us color. A bunch of gangsta n***** coloring.

Like… with crayons?

Hell yeah! Coloring’s a really serious thing in this crib, son. We don’t play with that shit, you gotta come hard. Niggas be really on they Picasso shit coloring. We get drunk and we just got mad coloring books. Coloring and NBA 2K that’s the serious business in the crib.

via Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire, Rapping Outside the Lines – Q&A | MTV Hive.

You can find Mr. Mutha’s new tunes online for free.99.  Enjoy.

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