Craigslist and making your own tofu

I like craigslist.   I appreciate the service and the chance to see a high-speed cross-section of person-to-person commerce.  I knew almost nothing about the creator(s) of the website.  But I like this quote from the awkward CEO/coder Jim Buckmaster:

A biochemistry college dropout, he studied classics in Michigan for much of his 20s, teaching himself about computer programming in his spare time while living in a communal housing scheme. How did this shape his business world view? He smiles wryly. “I don’t know if the time I spent grinding wheat with a hand grinder or making tofu, or making sandals out of car tyres, whether that translates into positives for the company,” he says, after staring at the voice recorder for what seems like an eternity. “Maybe in some kind of subconscious way.”

via Jim Buckmaster: Craigslist put up an ad for a programmer. It got a chief executive | Business | The Guardian.

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