Co-op music: Thes One & People under the stairs

My office is in the basement.  One of my fellow underground dwellers put up a poster for an old horror movie called “People under the stairs.”  We get a lot of leverage out of that joke. I’ve threatened to bring in a slightly more upbeat poster from the rap group People Under the Stairs.

Speaking of the musical People Under the Stairs, I’ve always felt a resonance with these dudes.  They make good music, they have fun and seem genuinely interested in innovation.  Here is one half of PUTS, Thes One on his newest musical vision.

And the fact of matter was that everyone around me did have material that was ready for release and there were no record labels left to come around and pick it up. So, I said what we should do is treat it like a co-op. Like if you’re a bunch of farmers — you share your materials, you share your tractors, this that or whatever, and when one person’s crop is ready, they bring money into the co-op. And then while their crop is growing, the other person’s is ready and they bring money. And that’s kind of how we’re treating it. The money that the record is bringing in right now is gonna help pay for the pressing of the next record and so on and so forth, and we’ll be all in it together.

via Thes One Discusses Aging In Hip Hop, Highlighter’s HD Release And Piecelock 70 [Part 1] | | The Underground Hip Hop Authority | Hip Hop Music, Videos & Reviews.

Check out Highlighter — the new People Under the Stairs record.  Recorded and released in out-of-control high definition.

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