Violence against animals to frame killing humans

I think Carol J. Adams is one of the most important thinkers of this century.

Her work as a feminist vegetarian ethicist has helped me better understand how violence against animals is a fruitful comparison available for those who hurt humans.

Consider the US soldiers who killed Afghani civilians and then took parts of their bodies as souvenirs.

In his testimony, Gibbs denied responsibility for the killings, but did admit to slicing off body parts from Afghans, including the fingers of a man, and keeping them or giving them to other soldiers as trophies.

“In my mind, I was there to take the antlers off the deer. You have to come to terms with what you’re doing. Shooting people is not an easy thing to do,” said Gibbs.

via US ‘kill team’ trial: jury considers Calvin Gibbs verdict | World news |

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