Gender visible in lego heads

I’m getting ready to run a workshop on microaggressions this afternoon and I run across a nice graphic about lego toys.

Thanks to Boing Boing for the link & annals of spacetime for the research.

Really, though, sets have become the norm, so unless you shop through a specialty Web store like BrickLink, you’ll get whichever figs come in a set—and the reality is that those remain predominantly male-focused. To be sure, not everything LEGO’s done in this area is bad. For example, the City Community Minifigure Set features images of a female construction worker, a female EMT, and a female police officer, all careers that play against stereotype. I saw at least one space set in stores recently with a female astronaut. But here’s another big problem: Whenever there’s only one minifig included in a set, it’s invariably a male. Would it be so hard to include one extra part, a female head, and show the female version clearly on the box of every set? Or, if one extra part would break the bank, why not include a dual head, with a female face on one side and a male face on the other?

via annals of spacetime: my dear lego, you are part of the problem.

A dual head with one male-ish face on one side and a female-ish face on the other!  What a cool notion.  Argentina style!


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