Picking a fight out of your division: Bonz Malone

Intellectual giant and cultural wizard Bonz Malone offers a vicious attack on Spike Lee in this interview on the OKAY Player Radio.  The subject is sort of about Django Unchained, but really it should be about Bonz Malone.  It made me think about Spike Lee making an enemy of Indiana Pacer Reggie Miller.

Bonz wrecks spike Lee, but of course, he doesn’t make films.  In the same way, Spike Lee doesn’t actually play competitive basketball and Reggie Miller took the taunts from the film-maker and well . . . just watch.

One possible lesson is stay in your lane.

The other is that it is healthy for us to share insights across experiences.  And you certainly don’t have to be in the NBA to have an opinion on basketball.  Bonz Malone gets at some real and interesting things in this discussion.  Worth a listen.

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