Is pre-written a freestyle? MF GRIMM to the jugular

We get some nice attention paid to one of the greatest: MF GRIMM in this interview in Unkut.  Robbie, the president of the conservative rap coalition, rocks a two-part interview with GRIMM.

I get offended when people say, “You’re not an MC if you don’t go off the top!” Making like writing is a crime. As a Black man in America, I take that as an insult, I feel like it’s subliminal bullshit where people want to get you away from a pen and paper. Back then, freestyle was two different things – it was a written that no one ever heard before, or it was off the top of your head. How dare some one say that because I have seven thousand rhymes in my head that I’m not equivalent to somebody making something spur of the moment! From the moment I lost that battle with Supernatural, I dedicated myself to being a writer. No more battling. I’mma learn to be like Edgar Allen Poe.

via – A Tribute To Ignorance (Remix).

Don’t sleep on the new GRIMM LP!  “Good Morning Vietnam” is strong as hell and made by GRIMM and Drasar Monumental.   Drasar’s beats are really hard — and GRIMM showcases some serious wordplay.   And if you aren’t following Drasar’s hip hop battlefield your homework is lined up!

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