Amazing modernist cuisine videos

I had a sodium alginate olive at Jose Andres’ restaurant in D.C..  It was more than impressive.  Arriving on a spoon and looking like a jiggly dollop of self-contained olive pudding, the olive skin burst in my mouth and it was like eating a dozen olives at once.

Youtube user enthusiochefs has some stunning videos of modernist cuisine.  Lets start by watching someone reconstruct baby corn on the cob?

Or powdered ice cream inside candied strawberries?!?!  (I know the gelatin isn’t vegetarian.  I’m not going to make these, nor do I think that someone should eat animal hooves.   I’m impressed with the videography and the ten billion steps to get this desert right. Yo!  Molecular gastronomists: make more vegetarian science food!)

I might just mess with this clementine sorbet with candied pumpkin seeds:

I’m certainly going to spend more time cooking with tweezers. Salute to the innovators!

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