Tech N9ne: indies buying majors

The Smoking Section has a nice interview with Tech N9ne, who get’s legitimate props for his hard work and business savvy.  Here he describes getting emcees for Strange records.  An independent record label poaching musicians from major labels.

TSS: What are your thoughts on major label record deals in 2014?

Tech N9ne: I don’t know about ‘em. It’s not my world, anymore. I just know that some of the artists I’m interested in have been just sitting on these labels, for years. I don’t like that shit.

That’s why we took Jay Rock off Warner Brothers. That’s why we took Stevie Stone off Ruthless. That’s why if Atlantic don’t quit fucking up, I’m gonna’ snatch Snow Tha Product. She’s supposed to be out, doing her thing. Yeah, she just put out a mixtape. But, fuck that, let her do her album.

TSS: I’m pretty sure I didn’t even get proper press for her mixtape.

Tech N9ne: Yeaaaah. I just retweeted her mixtape. I saw she had 2,000 views in three days. I’m like, ‘Baby girl, you killed it.’ I don’t get anything for that. She’s not my artist. But, I got love for her, because she’s an MC. And, I love MCs.

via TSS Presents Smoking Sessions With Tech N9ne | The Smoking Section.

I think Tech should get more respect for his wordplay and genuine style. But if he has to gain access to greater fame via his business swagger then so-be-it.  And I think another powerful independent hip hop label with Tech, Jay Rock, Rittz, and Krizz Kaliko could make some really gooooood music.

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