Clipse Studies 102: No Malice is good

It is worth noting the 2009 Clipse album “Til the casket Drops” as a marker of a few key moments in hip hop. 

–> excessive consumerism refined. 

–> objectifying sexism as inevitable hip hop video “wallpaper”. 

–> Pharrell’s production genius. 

–> the last time No Malice rhymed as Malice. 

Despite buying the CD in the store, I didn’t know there was a video for this song until today.  In retrospect No Malice seems to be showing his discomfort with the lifestyle embodied in the video.  “Mama lookin’ right, and I don’t even want her.” 

Entitled masculinity as means of riding the fence. 

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Filed under hip hop, music, representation, sexism

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