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Alice Cooper: Black juju live

How much fun would it be to see Alice Cooper in the day?  Daaaaaamn.  Stick around for Black Juju.  It gives me some ideas for monday’s class on semiotics.

Thanks to Dangerous Minds for the suggestion.

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Happy Birthday Sylvester

The illuminating blog Dangerous Minds noted that today is the birthday of the electric-disco-star Sylvester.   I appreciate that they frame Sylvester’s radical elements within his Disco successes:

. . . .if it wasn’t for disco there is no way that a linebacker-sized, black, openly gay, outrageous, gender-bending performer like him could have reached the top of the world’s charts.

via Dangerous Minds | Excellent documentary on the life of Sylvester.

Happy Birthday Sylvester and all who party with ya!

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