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Goblin live in 1978

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Two gems from Goblin’s Simonetti

Thanks to the progarchives for the photo

I listened to a couple of Goblin albums today.  It made me wonder a bit about the creators.  I knew they were Italian prog rock soundtrack guys.  I found an interview with Claudio Simonetti from Goblin and hit two insightful nuggets.  First, Simonetti recorded with my favorite flute guy, Herbie Mann.  And of course, the Barry White influence!

What disco groups or producers inspired you?

I enjoyed a lot of Moroder. He was one of the first electronic producers. He made a lot of Donna Summer records. I remember I loved I Feel Love, it was completely electronic. This was the kind of disco I loved. But I also loved Barry White. His productions were great.

via An interview with Claudio Simonetti — the love unlimited sound system.

This makes perfect sense to me.  The long build up of Barry White tunes and the orchestration mixed with super hard drums.  Easy connection.

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