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Looting greece with the help of the IMF

ATHENS — They are the crown jewels of Greece’s socialist state, and they are now likely to go to the highest bidder: the ports of Piraeus and Thessaloniki; prime Mediterranean real estate; the national lottery; Greek Telecom; the postal bank and the national railway system.

via Some Greeks Fear Government Is Selling Nation – NYTimes.com.

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Resistance to the IMF loansharks in Greece

Trust Tigerbeatdown.

These “bail-outs” are in fact a high finance form of loan-sharking, which “structurally adjust” an entire country’s economy in order to strip the country of its assets. The debt in Greece incurred by last year’s bail-out is enormous and exponentially growing already–meaning that another “bail-out” would simply add more fuel to the fire–and it is this, and not austerity cuts themselves–that the agnaktismenoi (“outraged”) are resisting.

via Tiger Beatdown › Loan-sharking Greece.

For real.  The damage of the IMF loans should be evident to every living citizen of the planet at this point.  And as Vijay Prashad made fairly clear to me, the rich nations who lend the money use the trumped up interest rates to anchor their own out-of-control debt.   Loan sharking is right.   More at the ol ‘beatdown.

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