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I hope Killer Mike lives to be really old

F’real.  I think he is just the absolute most enjoyable emcee these days.  I wish him a long life so I can listen to his political rant raps when he is like eighty years old.  (For those wondering, I suspect that he’ll sound exactly the same).

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Killa Mike and Money Makin’ Jam Boys VISUALs

Ah, the joy of quality editing equipment.   Most independent hip hop folks can afford to make their vision happen via the easily available technology.  When I grew up watching videos, I used to long for more access.  Now we have more access than we can handle.

First up, Killa Mike “Burn.”  Hell yeah for the struggling Georgia emcee.  Mike Bigga is a star, with a nice flow, and a presence.  I think the politics are a little vague, but the beat is hot.

And how about Money Making Jam Boys with a video for “tear it down!”   I’m in.

As a bonus, here is Lil B explaining what it is like to be a city.

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