Dan Savage and Terry Miller on google + it get’s better

This is a really nice reflection on the technology company’s relationship with the It get’s better campaign.  Savage is particularly eloquent about the ways homophobia limits the ability of gay teens to see happy gay adults.  He argues that the It get’s better campaign, through youtube, circumvented barriers and actually got to people.

Dan Savage gives credit to the support and sponsorship of google, who created a commercial video for the project and have helped to publicize the campaign.  Google, Obama and other higher profile participants joined without compromising the message and the sincerity of the videos.  Check it out, you’ll enjoy the discussion.

And this morning the SF Giants became the first major league team to make their own It get’s better film.   I appreciate that they speak for the whole organization.  Nice work.   Culture change in process.

And the standout best It get’s better video comes from the Cincinnati Rollergirls.

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