Thought harpoon

Rammellzee’s Cerembric neutron harpoon.  One  of the best explanations for communications which corrode against other discourse.  As Rammellzee writes:

CEREMBRIC NEUTRON HARPOON (Thought Lance) holds complete thought-processes to constructions and launches outline that can construct any shape energy it wants to construct in any dimension of physical magnetics. Several remanipulators such as dimensional doors, dimension cracks.


Layer this idea against Walter Benjamin writing about Dada:

“Dadaist manifestations actually guarateed a quite vehement distraction by making artworks the center of scandal.  One requirement was paramount: to outrage the public.  From an alluring visual composition or an enchanting fabric of sound, the Dadaists turned the artwork into a missile.  it jolted the viewer, taking on a tactile [taktisch] quality (Walter Benjamin, The work of art in the age of its technological reproducibility. 39.)

Despite having read chunks of Benjamin in gradual school, I’m finding the re-read to be really insightful.  Crucial to my recent reflection about Walter Benjamin was a lovely 1993 film about Walter Benjamin that helped to located his thought in the context of some recent ideas about fragmentation and power. Here is the link to John Hughes film One way street: fragments for Walter Benjamin.  Thanks to for the brilliant resource!


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