Kingmaxwell on 2011 Reggae Festival and Potluck album

Two new articles by Maxwell for the North Coast Journal.

1.  Review of Potluck’s new album: Rhymes and Resin.

With Rhymes and Resin Potluck manages to take risks and still affirm their position at the top of Humboldt’s rhyming hierarchy. Confidence in their own capabilities and a willingness to share the stage with other local artists make them the grandparents of Humboldt hip hop.

via Rhymes and Resin | North Coast Journal | Humboldt County.

2. Review of the 2011 Reggae festival.

Seun Kuti grew up in the liberated zone of Kalakuta in Nigeria. His father Fela Anikulapo Kuti had declared a small section of the city of Lagos to be an area where good music could be heard, cannabis could be smoked, dissident politics were welcome (so long as you didn’t criticize Fela), and sexuality wasn’t so controlled. Some obvious similarities exist between Kalakuta and the 27-year Reggae on the River concert tradition. At Benbow State Park July 17, headliner Seun Kuti brought this year’s temporary autonomous zone celebrations to a head with his powerful Afrobeat orchestra: Egypt 80.

via Reggae on the River Goes International | North Coast Journal | Humboldt County.

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