Polishing the deck chairs on the titanic: climate change and boobs

We are doomed, for real.

I just watched a video with supermodels stripping while they narrate a bizarre rant about global warming.  Something about fifty parts per million.  This is the best that an active ecological movement can come up with?

1.  Layer this against people dying from global warming enhanced storms and diseases, flooding and wretched humans trying to survive in disaster zones.   The way to deal with this massive global change is not to get naked as the earth gets warmer.  Nor is it to gaze at supermodels hoping that people will be inspired. These ideas are dumb.

2.  The incentive for humans to want to address global warming should be self interest.  Do you want to cradle your dying loved ones in an atmosphere less hospitable to humans?  The advertisement suggests that the true incentive is to see some tits.  It is implied that if humans in the USA can reduce emissions sufficiently, then these models will strip fully naked instead of to their skivvies.  What a bargain.   I wonder if they got this in writing from the supermodels — some kind of hooker deal where they have to have sex with the director if humans can learn to live in a steady-state economy.

3.  Oppression of women and consumer fashion culture are part of global warming.  To layer more sexist and consumerist stuff (disney t-shirt in the strip show) as a placebo remedy is toxic.

No link or reference to the group or ad itself is intentional.  Why give them another platform.

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